There are so many things to do in California and they are all so cool. I have no idea about how much longer I will be living in California, so I think it’s best to try to do all of them now! I’ve compiled a list of things that I desperately want to do and will try my best to do all of them before the end of 2013.  Let me know about your experiences at these places and if you have any suggestions. I love all things cool, weird, unusual, off the beaten path, and free! Please email me at or just comment! Thank you 🙂

I’ll try to do all of these and cross them off. Stay tune to my adventure and cross your life list with me!

Deep Sea Fishing
ATV in the desert
Bungee Jumping
White Water Raft
Wake Boarding
Sand Dune Boarding

Murphy Ranch Trail
Mt. Baldy
San Jacinto
San Gorgonio
Hollywood Sign
Go on a solo backpacking trip

National and State Park
Joshua Tree
Death Valley
Mojave National Preserve
Anza Borrego State Park
Bryce Canyon
Antelope Canyon
Monument Valley

Elmer Long’s Bottle Tree Ranch
American Bison and Hereford Ranch
East Jesus
Nitt Witt Ridge
Salvation Mountain
Watts Tower
Noah Purifoy Outdoor Museum


  1. I know you’re in So Cal but Yosemite should be on your park list and Half Dome should be on your hike list. One of the most amazing things I’ve every done. Such a beautiful place!

  2. I love this! I strive to look for places to take my little sister because I didn’t get to go out and explore much when I was younger, but I love to travel. So I thought my sister and I would have “sister bonding days” in order to explore and expand her horizons.

    I just want to warn you about The Bunny Museum. It’s located in Pasadena WHERE she resides. Filled with bunny items that her and her husband have exchanged every day for the past twenty years I believe. She owns many cats and about 2 rabbits. All of which she allows you to interact with. My sister and I went and we didn’t like it much; it seemed too long of a drive to walk around someones house. We compared her to a hoarder, but she’s really nice.

    We have been to the Museum of Death in Hollywood though, and we highly recommend! It’s a bit pricey, $15 admission, but definitely worth it! Very explicit and not so much a place to go to if you’re easily disgusted. Overview: Serial killers artwork and biography, strange stories and video footage, death penalties in history, the procedure of embalming, etc. Theres also a lizard in the front as well for looks!

    1. Wow thanks so much for your comment! I will definitely check out the museum of death soon. Thanks for the advice about the bunny museum. I want to see it but it’s definitely not as big of a priority. It’s one of those things where if “i’m happened to be in the area” kind of thing. Thanks so much for stopping by and I apologize for the late respond.

  3. Near Mammoth Lakes (close to Yosemite & Hetch Hetchy), there are natural hot springs hiding in plain sight en route towards the hills. Google map the terrain to find them quicker! Ps you can find & hear feedback of some unusually awesome spots on too 😉 happy living adventurous soul!

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