My top 10 adventures of 2013

2013 is undoubtedly the funnest and most adventurous year of my life (so far).  I don’t get the pleasure from crossing out any item on a list, but I do recognize that 2013 is a year filled with many first times. Below is a glimpse into my 2013.

First California Fourteener & Backpacking Trip

Mt. Langley was the first serious mountain that I hiked up. It was my first backpacking trip as well as the first California 14er that I submitted. Possibly one of the greatest weekends of my life.

On top of mt. langley

First Time Climbing Outdoor

I started rock climbing in October and it quickly became one of my favorite things to do. I just can’t believe that I waited this long to try it. My first outdoor climbing experience was at Joshua Tree National Park – the best rock climbing place a newbie could ask for.

Rock Climbing

First Solo Road Trip

Zion National Park & Page, AZ is the first solo road trip I went on. I was the greatest Spring Break of my life. Nothing like spending sometimes alone in my car driving through beautiful Utah and getting to see Zion for the first time. I hiked some of Zion’s most famous trails like Angel’s Landing, the Narrows, and the Subway and finally get to see Antelope Canyon with my own eyes.

View from Angel’s Landing hike

First Time Sand boarding 

I was never really good at snowboarding but i figured that i should give sand boarding a try. I went to the Great Sand Dune National Park in Colorado and had a great time eating sands on my way down a dune. It was a stunning site and the boarding was ridiculously addictively fun. You must try it.

First Successful Night Sky Photo

I have always been fascinated by amazing night sky photos of famous photographers. I am amazed by their skills and abilities to take such photographs and the determination and dedication to go capture the best nightsky even in the most remote areas. I recently purchased my first DSLR and took my first night photo in Death Valley National Park. Nothing special here, but I am proud.

First Time at the Grand Canyon

How can anybody forget their first time at Grand Canyon National Park. The sight of the magnificent and vast canyon, crystal clear sky, and emerald Colorado river will surely take anyone’s breath away.


First Time Actually Getting Lost and Scared

My first time using a crampon was my trip up Mt. Baldy in January during a snowstorm. Although I hiked the trail twice before, the heavy snow and wind were bad enough to confused me and forced me to take a wrong path down the mountain. I was scared for my life as the sun was falling into the horizon. Lesson learned and I’m always more prepared after that experience.

snow hike baldy

First Time Biking in LA & Almost Get Killed

Biking in LA is as adventurous as sailing solo through the Atlantic Ocean. My first serious bike ride was through Ballona Creek bike trail to the beach and through Hollywood and exploring some of LA’s best hidden gems. Biking is an amazing way to see and commute in LA. Traffic is less of a concern and parking is never an issue, but rude drivers and lawless drivers have got to ruin it for everyone else. I almost got run over by a stop sign runner. It didn’t stop me from biking but it was definitely a wakeup call.

ballona creek bike path

First Time Jumping Off a Plane

Skydiving is on my life list for as long as I remember. I put it off for so long until one day when I woke up without a plan and decided to drive down to Skydive San Diego. The feeling of falling off the plane at 13,000 ft, blazing through the air so fast my ears hurt, and then slowly floating around to enjoy the best view a person can ask for was an experience everyone should get at least once. Exhilarating.

First Time Jumping Off a Bridge

A few weeks after my skydiving trip, I went Bungee Jumping with a few friends with Bungee America. The 5 miles hike to the Bridge to Nowhere and then jumping off the bridge was just an all day fun adventure.


I will forever treasure my 2013 memories and strive to my every coming year better.




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