Cabazon Dinosaur: Giants Of California Desert

These may not be the largest dinosaurs in the world, but Cabazon is definitely the largest dinosaur shaped building the world. Are you a Land Before Time or Jurassic Park fan? If yes, then you must visit this place!

Located on the I-10 in Palm Springs, these are some of the most visited and photographed concrete dinos in the world. It is defintiely worth a visit if you’re driving pass by the area. It’s a great place to take a break from driving. We were on our way to Salton Sea and Salvation Mountain in Niland when we stopped here.

There are two dominating creatures in the park and few benches to sit at. Kids will love this place, so I highly recommend this attraction for families.

This is a great free attraction to visit. However, you can also go inside the T-Rex, but that costs money. Being a broke college student, we were too cheap to go inside the T-Rex. Don’t be disappointed, the shop inside this giant little foot is open for public to enter.

While we were super excited to see these dinos, we didn’t spend too much time here. We stopped, took some pictures, fool around with the feet of the T-Rex, visited the shop, check out the little outdoor exhibition at the museum, and left.

I’d say we spent about 20 minutes or so here. Unless if you come with a larger crowd, I don’t see why you’d spend more than half an hour here. This is also another reason to add this on to your itinerary.

Read more about Cabazon.

Nearby Places

Cabazon Dinosaurs is located near the Salton Sea and Salvation Mountain. I recommend that you make it a day trip and visit all of them at once! Check out my day trip itinerary from Cabazon to Salton Sean to Salvation Mountain.



  1. I love this place! So wonderful right along the highway near all those windmills. Saw it featured once on the outstanding show by Huell Howser, “California’s Gold”.

    1. ahh it’s super cool and they sell random things inside the dinosaur. make sure to go back when you drive pass it next time. it’s really a quick stop. maybe 10-15 minutes will do if you don’t go into the robotic museum.

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