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10 Awful Excuses You Make To Justify A Lazy Weekend

It’s fine to be lazy once in a while. However, did you have a boring and uneventful last weekend? Maybe it’s time to start doing something cool. I’m not telling you to go hike for 15 miles every weekend because that’d be really tiring. One cool thing can be anything from hiking to trying out a new dish. The bottom line is to do something that you’ve always wanted to do. Yes, I do sometimes sleep in on weekends after a long week of work or when i’m sick. But, I make sure to still do something cool no matter how small it is; NO EXCUSES! Come on, how hard is it to do something awesome per weekend!

With all the work and responsibilities that we have these days, we need to make sure that we leave room in our schedule to have our own for fun things. The weekend is the perfect time to get away. If you feel like your weekends just fly by, and you don’t do anything cool or productive, then it’s time to stop making excuses.

I know it’s easy to talk yourself into taking home and be boring. Here are the top 10 excuses you make and why they don’t make sense.

I have to do laundry

SERIOUSLY??? Out of all the days of the week, you choose to do laundry on the weekend?? I know you have a ton of work, but why don’t you take an extra 10 minutes to put your clothes in the washer then go do something else like taking a shower. And by the time your done, put your clothes in the dryer before you go to sleep. Doing laundry on the weekend is an awful awful awful excuse for staying in, and doing laundry is not being productive. It’s just another way for you to procrastinate.

picture from www.mochimochiland.com
cute cat picture from http://www.mochimochiland.com

I need to catch up on my sleep

Yes, sleep is extremely necessary for you in order to function well, and you should always try to get substantial amount of sleep. But if you find yourself out late on Thursday night destroying your liver, you cannot use sleep as an excuse to justify being lazy on weekend. Go to sleep early on Thursday and Friday night, and go do something awesome on the weekend! If you can sacrifice your sleep for alcohol, then you can do the same for something else much cooler. Alcohol < a mountain painted of adobe and clay

Image from http://poisonous-roses.blogspot.com/
Image from http://poisonous-roses.blogspot.com/

I will do something cool next weekend

Really? I bet you told yourself the same thing last weekend too. If you keep telling yourself that you’ll do something cool next weekend, then it will ALWAYS be next weekend, and never actually happens. It’s now or never. You may never have next week…

I woke up late, not enough time

If you slept through your alarm and now you can no longer go on a long trip, you can still choose to go on a shorter trip! Instead of an all day hike that you originally planned, maybe a shorter hike nearby? Not enough time is just an excuse. If you can always make time for house party, then you should try to make sometimes for other awesome things in life.

I have no one to do cool stuffs with

Me neither. The reality is that your friends will not be free to do everything with you all the time. Travelling alone can be extremely liberating, and you should try it. Of course, be safe, let your friends know where you’re going especially if it’s a remote location. I’ve gone hiking alone plenty of times, and I love it. Remember that doing things on your own doesn’t make you look like a loser. Not having someone to go somewhere with shouldn’t stop you from exploring awesome places!

I went exploring the lost sunken city alone
I went exploring the lost sunken city alone

I’m too broke

This is a legitimate excuse if you don’t spend all of your pay check on Forever 21 or booze. If staying up to trends and keeping your fridge equipped with party gears are high in your priority, then that’s okay. But don’t complain about how you seem to never have enough money to go skydiving or bungee jumping. Maybe stop buying overpriced coffee every morning or a new pair of shoes every week. A cup of latte is about $4, and you will spend $20 per week on coffee. If you don’t buy coffee for a month, you can go skydiving! It’s all about setting priority on things. What do you want to spend money on? coffee or once in a life time experience?

I don’t know what to do

This is the WORST excuse ever! How can you possibly not know what to do when there’s an awesome blog like this and thousands others that recommend you things to do in every possible city on earth. Go to this website called google.com and search for things to do. Check top 9 unusual things to do in Southern California.

I don’t want to deal with the crowd

There are awesome places to explore that are less crowded. If you want to see cool arts but don’t want to be surrounded by people at the Getty or LACMA, then get off the beaten path and explore some unusual art scenes such as the Banana Museum or an outdoor desert art exhibition.

I have to work

You should take a break from work to rejuvenate your mental health. It is proven that you will be more productive with rest and off work time. I too have worked on the weekends before especially during finals time and when I have projects due. However, I realize that I can always try to make a room to do awesome thing. I tend to procrastinate while doing work. Instead of spending a lot time n Facebook, Twitter, and Reddit looking at profile picture and cat photos, I try to be more productive. I will have more time to go out and do awesome things. Think about the work that you have to do. Do you really need to do them? If not, then give it a rest and go explore instead.

I have a pet/ kid

Bring your kid and pet with you on adventures! I really wish that my parents had taken me out to do more cool things when I was a kid. Kids and pets can be a pain in the butt and they can cost especially if you have many children. But there are free and cheap things that you can do with your children and pets such as a hike, picnic in the park, and free museum. Here’s a list of things to do with your dog. If you live in San Diego, you will really appreciate this awesome list for free things to do with children. Also, for SD residents, Balboa Park is free on Tuesday! There are so many things that you can do with your kids and pets that they should not be stopping you from doing awesome things.

image from http://ilovekbmr.files.wordpress.com/
image from http://ilovekbmr.files.wordpress.com/

Nothing is stopping you from doing one cool thing every weekend but yourself. You can talk yourself into accepting all the excuses to why you should stay in this weekend and be a couch potato. However, in the end, they are still excuses. Stop reasoning yourself and just get in the car and go start your adventure this weekend!

Which excuses you tend to make?


  1. I hear you, Tobe! I’m pooped! AND, I still owe you a photo with me! Oy! Now we HAVE to go back to Alt next year. 😉 So nice to have met you! Take care! 🙂

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