Mesquite Sand Dunes in Death Valley

This is the most visited sand dune in Death Valley. It is located almost right next to the Stovepipe Wells Village , but it’s also a short driving distance from Furnace Creek campground, visitor center, and resort area as well.

mesquite sand dunes

Although this may be the a more popular sand dune in the park due to its close proximity to conveniences, it is not crowded. I found that most people who go to mesquite sand dune tend to just get off of their car and then take a few steps out of the parking lot and snap a few photos before they move on to the next thing. The parking lot was probably half full when we were there, and we were the only people heading out to the high dune.

Mesquite sand dune death valley

The great thing about hiking in the sand dunes is that there’s no trail. Don’t be afraid of getting lost, though because there aren’t any bushes or trees to block your sight either.

death valley sand dune

The high dune is probably about a mile or two hike. It’s pretty easy and mostly flat. Beside the fact that you get all sandy, this is a really easy hike. I’m surprised most people don’t do it because they will get much better photos if they hike a bit further in comparison to taking pictures of the dunes from the parking lot.

sand dune death valley

If you live in southern california and want to visit a sand dune closer to home, then i suggest Kelso Dunes in Mojave Preserve!


    1. I totally agree. i know that most people aren’t super outdoorsy but i wonder why they would make an effort of driving hours to death valley, then only spend less than 20 minutes here snapping pictures before driving away. i

      1. Uncle Bob Howington, as I called him, or King as my grnedmothar and many of their generation called him, was truly a fascinating fellow. And he did love to tell a good story. He was especially fond of fishing. And in his later years, he and our cousin, Grayson Meade, traveled back to Virginia to check on various family gatherings. I love reading his Memories!

  1. I’ve never been to “again”. Just great to know places around in SoCal especially through your blog. Thanks for sharing and for the quite interesting photos. Happy weekend Snook!

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