Archery Makes Me Feel Pretty Badass

I finally got to try archery!

Out of nowhere everyone wants to try archery. Thanks to the Hunger Games and the Avengers for making archery look so dang cool and easy. They brought it back after Robin Hood has become somewhat irrelevant.

Katniss everdeen shooting an arrow

Everyone wants to be like Katniss who runs around in the woods shooting deer or that guy in the Avenger who shoot explosive arrows at aliens. It’s actually really fascinating to hear from a local archery school near where I live about how more kids and teenagers come in and learn archery after the releases of the two films; they even had to add more classes.

While other kids around world are inspired by Katniss to try archery, I was actually inspired by Kevin from the 2011 film “We Need To Talk About Kevin“. I hope that you don’t think that I’m a mean soul, but the film is about a psychopathic boy who loves Robin Hood and got really good at archery and killed a dozen of people at his high school. I swear I’m a really peaceful person! They just made archery looks really cool in that film. Okay, I should stop talking, because this just makes me sound worse and worse.

Me shooting some arrows

After trying out, I can tell you that it is no easy piece of pie. It’s one of the hardest sport yet most rewarding I’ve ever tried.  If you’re deciding whether to try or not, I’d say go ahead and try at least once! It was truly a fun experience, and there’s so much that goes into shooting an arrow than just pulling back and letting go. When you finally hit the target, you will feel really cool.

The only con to archery is that it’s quite expensive. It’s about $20 per class and me being in college doesn’t help. I will try it again soon and hopefully continue to practice, but right now, hiking is much more affordable for me.

Not a bad first time, eh
Almost in the yellow area
i may not be accurate but at least i’m consistent


I found out that they offer a free beginner archery class every Saturday morning around 11am and second Sunday of every month at Rancho Park in Los Angeles. Here’s more info from Yelp! Go try this if you don’t want to spend money. Do something cool this weekend. Instead of waking up late and going to your favorite brunch place, how about get up a little early and shoot some arrows?

I’ve never tried it myself but from looking at Yelp reviews, it seems like everyone who’ve gone to the park enjoys it. Let me know if you go, because i’d like to hear about your experience!


  1. I’d love to do archery, it definitely requires concentration and skill, things that I don’t really have. But it would be cool to try!

    1. It definitely takes a lot of concentration and it takes time for you to get any good. My first time was just fun because i didn’t take it seriously. But i were to really want to invest in the sport, i’m taking about a few months worth of training before I actually go anywhere. But it’s certainly fun. I cannot invest into it because of the cost associated with it but I definitely do it from time to time for fun. Thanks for your comment!

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