Exploring The Lower Antelope Canyon in Page, AZ

This canyon is one of the most visited and photographed places in the U.S., but I think that it’s not nearly photographed enough. I don’t know if anyone can truly capture the real beautiful of this place. It’s just absolutely astonishing.

Burning canyon wall
Burning canyon wall
Entrance to the lower canyon
Entrance to the lower canyon

Antelope Canyon, located in Arizona, was on my life list for the longest time, and I finally getting to visit the place was definitely a dream come true. I chose to visit Antelope Canyon knowing that it will be a bit less crowded and I heard so much about the color of the canyon. My original plan was to visit in the morning when the color of the canyon wall is supposed to be at its best; however, I got there late and ended up going in with the noon tour.

The sunrise
The sunrise
Can you see the lion
Can you see the lion

The canyon will not be a disappointment no matter what time you do it. I went in with Ken’s Tour, which I believe is the only license tour operator for the Lower Canyon. It was decently crowded but I was able to just get the next tour. The parking lot here is nice where plenty of parking and there are restrooms here.

Fire wall
Fire wall

Our tour guide was really knowledgeable about where to point your camera. I don’t know if you ask complicated geology question, you will get a satisfying answer though. They are definitely not ranger type guide but more of a commercial tour guide.

As much as crowded and over photographed this place is, I think that it deserves its fame.

Antelope Canyon

how to get there

It’s basically a few minutes drive from the city of Page, Arizona. Take the highway 89 from Page and turn left on highway 98 and turn left on Antelope Point Road. You will see a sign for upper Antelope Canyon on your right, this canyon is famous for its light beam from the ceiling. However, you will turn left for Lower Canyon, which is more famous for its canyon wall color.

Exact GPS: 36.900957,-111.408759

Can you see the man's face
Can you see the man’s face


Taking a tour is the only legal way to explore the Antelope Canyon both Upper and Lower. It’s $26 per person. It gets costly for a big family, but I think it’s reasonable for such a fantastic place. The tour will take about an hour long. You will have the freedom to explore parts of the canyon on your own, but your guide check up on you. The guide can also help you take pictures for your family as well. I was alone, so it was handy to finally have someone to take pictures of me being silly.


What do you think about this cool place?

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