Utah’s Famous Rope Swing Spot: Corona Arch

From hoodoos in Bryce Canyon to Arches in Arches National Park, Utah has rocks of every shape and form you can ever possibly imagine, and some large enough for people to swing off of it.

Corona Arch

You may have seen the wildly popular viral video on YouTube a few years back of people rope swing off a huge arch somewhere in the American dessert. Well, that arch is called Corona Arch and it’s located in Moab, Utah. If you haven’t seen the video, here it is below.

Yes, i’ve day dreamed about doing this swing too, but I don’t know anyone who knows how and i’m skilled enough to try something like this myself. There used to be guides taking people out to do rappelling down this arch, but to my knowledge, all tour operations have been banned due to a swing accident that killed a man.

Aside from the rope swing, Corona Arch is a popular hiking destination. The arch quickly became a popular destination in Moab in addition to Arches and Canyonlands National Park. The arch has always been popular, but thanks to the video, it is now considered almost equally as a must-do as the national parks in the area.

The arch can be reached quit easily. It is close to the town of Moab and only a couple of miles away from Arches National Park. From the town of Moab, head north on the highway 191 and make a left on Potash road (UT-279) and continue on the road for a few miles and you will reach the trailhead. There’s a big sign that says “Corona Arch”, and a decent size parking lot so you really can’t miss it. But here’s the GPS coordinate: 38.574357,-109.632709

From  the trailhead, you will make your way up the trail which quickly gain some elevation before it becomes a fairly steady climb for the entire time. The trail is only 3 miles round trip and is only a few hundreds feet of elevation change, so this is quite easy and can be done by any healthy person.

The arch is beautiful and huge! I really recommend that you head out here early in the day to avoid the crowd otherwise the chances of you getting a picture of this arch without people in it will be pretty slim.


  • Located near Moab, Utah
  • Trailhead GPS: 38.574357,-109.632709
  • Hike: 3 miles round trip, with a few hundred elevation feet gain
  • Free parking and no permit required

Here are more pictures of the Corona Arch.

Train track at the beginning of the hike
Scenery along the trail

Me and the arch behind
a nearby arch


What do you think about this cool place?

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