I was extremely sea sick during my first deep sea fishing trip. I did not expect it at all. I’ve been on a boat of a similar size before many times and I spent nearly a month of a ship on Semester At Sea. While everyone else was throwing up on the ship, I had no problem dancing around and eating properly.

A couple of my friends got their first catch!
A couple of my friends got their first catch!

However, I still managed to make it a great experience. It was a beautiful day out in the SoCal ocean. I did the trip with Davey’s Locker, which I highly recommend. They are based in Newport Beach. Their check-in process is a bit disorganized but the ship crew was really helpful, friendly, and really assisted me as a first timer.

Still feeling great early in the day
Still feeling great early in the day

I did this trip through my part-time job at Chapman University as the weekend trip coordinator. Yes, my job is pretty awesome. Beside going to school,  I get paid to plan awesome trips and take other students on adventures. This was one of them.

We got there about an hour early. There were a ton of people already and a long line. Many people are off to whale watching or a day trip to Catalina Island.

A stone fish, i think
A stone fish, i think

After checking in and getting all of our gear, we boarded our patriot, the name of our boat.

Now, we’re off into the deep blue sea. I was doing great at first. Only about half an hour into the ocean, we were surrounded by a huge migration of dolphins. We probably saw something like 300 dolphins that day. Many of them were jumping in front of our boat and swimming along. It was quite awesome, because i’d never seen that many dolphins at the same time before. I also saw a couple of whales.

Soon after, I started to feel dizzy and a bit numb. Oh, NO! i thought to myself. I sat down and closed my eyes and tried to go to sleep because that’d be the best thing that you can do when sea sick.

deep sea fishing newport

I ended up not catching anything that day because i spent too much time trying not to throw up, but my friends were nice enough to share some of their fish with me.

It was a great time fishing for the first time. Although, I didn’t spend too much time holding the rod and trying to catch something, but it was still an enjoyable experience. Next time, I will surely be more prepared.

the entire crew!
the entire crew!

Written by Snook

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