I finally went skydiving the other day! Wow, is all i can say. It was the most exhilarating 10 minutes of my entire life. I don’t think that I can go back to roller coasters and get quite the same amount of fun ever again. Skydiving was just a thousand level beyond anything i’ve ever done.

I was quite sick that weekend, so i wasn’t able to do anything physical i.e. backpacking or biking, so i thought that falling off a plane doesn’t really require me to do anything especially since i’ll be doing tandem with a professional. I just got to enjoy the ride. Wow, best decision ever!

If any of you ever doubt if this is a good idea, let me tell you… THIS IS THE GREATEST IDEA EVER. Do it!

Here’s an awesome video by some else at Skydive San Diego, which is the place where i got it done. I highly recommend them! They have really friendly staff, professional organization, plenty of parking, food and drinks available, and an area for spectators to see your jump!

I also want to give a shout out to my tandem guy, Roberto Neto. He was the man! I told me him to spin me around and he did! It was freaking crazy!

I don’t have any cool pictures, though. Just some that i took of other people coming down. I didn’t want to spend all that dimes on pictures and rather put it toward next time!

Here’s me before the ride up!
Other skydivers coming down
A tandem jumper

Written by Snook

I do one cool thing every weekend!


  1. I went skydiving once too! The wind changed and I missed the airport. Floated down by a highway, and a couple stopped, picked me up, and took me back to the airport! I couldn’t get over how utterfly quiet it was coming down. The view was breathtaking!

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