Top 10 and Best Of Lists

Are looking to find fun places to visit in California? Here are lists of my favorite places to explore. There are several categories and they will grow as the I write more posts! If you have places that you want to recommend or think that they should be included on the list, please email me at

Best Free  and Unusual Places To Explore in Southern California

Salvation Mountain
Griffith Park Old Zoo
Lost Sunken City
Venice Canals 
Metal Animal Sculpture of Borrego Desert
Salton Sea: Largest Body of Water in California

Best Places to See Animals In California

Seein’ Spot Farms (Central California)
Wildlife Learning Center (Southern California)
Ostrichland (Central California)

Best Day Trips in Southern California

San Pedro Day Trip: Lost Sunken City, Korean Bell, Lighthouse, and Cabrillo Beach

Day Trip to Salvation Mountain, Cabazon Dinosaur and Salton Sea

What do you think about this cool place?

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