Rescued Animals

Seein’ Spots Farm: Rescued Donkeys


At Seein’ Spots Farm, all of the animals are rescued from all over the country. Most of them are donkeys and there are also a turkey, turtle, and a goat. This is a family owned farm. The owners were there when we visited, and they were the people who come out to greet the visitors. This place is also completely free, but donation is highly recommended.

Rescued Animals


Address: 2599 Baseline Avenue Ballard, CA 93463. From 101 HWY or Solvang, take, 246 (mission drive) east, then turn left at Alamo Pintado Road, you will then drive pass Quicksilver Ranch, which would be on your left, then turn right at Baseline Road, and then Seein’ Spots farm will be on your left.

We actually stopped by this place spontaneously while on our way to the Chamush Indian Painted Cave. We left the nearby Quicksilver Ranch, and this was conveniently on our way.

My friend screamed “donkeys!!” and I naturally stopped the car and turned in. This place was not as crowded at all, and we actually got to interact with the animals. There were a couple of families there when we visited.

You can interact with little donkeys!

We entered the pens and were immediately greeted by a friendly goat and an outgoing turkey. Then we entered another pens in the back, which was where all the donkeys hung out. I went in and got to pet a couple of donkeys. I would have jumped on one, but my conscious told me to respect the animals. I simply laid down next one that seemed to be sleeping.

rescued animal farm of solvang
This farm is located in Solvang. This is the entrance

Last Comment

I’ve grown to despise zoos more and more each day because it just makes me sad that these animals spend pretty much their entirely lives in a tiny space. I also have a few friends from countries where the U.S. would probably have gotten animals from, and they tell me horrible stories about how these animals are captured and send across the globe. While I do adore animals, I respect them more. I see the point in educational purposes and how certain species need to be captured to preserved. While I’m not entirely against zoos, I don’t think that it should be as wildly popular. However, a rescued farm or a wildlife center are different, and I enjoy experiences at these types of instituions much more. If you live in LA, I highly recommend the Wildlife Learning Center because they also rescued their animals, and they have really interesting and rare species there.

This is definitely a must stop destination if you drive through Solvang. It is free, and I think that all kids will have a great time here.


  1. I LOVE this farm! Did you see the turkeys? Sweetest birds ever. Really good people running this place taking good care of all the animals.

    1. Yes! the turkey was so funny. I met the owner I believe and she was really nice. I hope that more people will visit their farm and donate some money. They’re doing such a great job at taking these animals.

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