Venice Canals in Southern California

I like how Southern California pave over natural rivers and then create artificial canals…well, it’s all about looking pretty right? Back in 1905, these canals were created to resemble the appearance of the world famous Venice, Italy. Now, you don’t need to travel such a long way because in Venice California, we also have canals, boats, and beautiful bridges too.

There are so many fun and free things to do in L.A., and this is definitely one of the best. Strolling around in this neighborhood on a sunny day is surprising a great way to spend an afternoon. Imagine walking around with your good friend and a cup of ice cold mango smoothie in your hand next to beautiful canals while admiring gorgeous homes that you can never purchase…ahhh what a life. Beside parks, this place is another great escape from the  chaos of Los Angeles. Most of the streets are pedestrian only so noise pollution from car is not a problem at all.

Parking is a bit rough here because there’s only street parking with a lot of streets requiring permits. My friends and I cheated and parked at Island’s Burger nearby and walked two blocks to the canals.

There are several canals, and they are all connected by bridges and a couple of paved roads. The place is pretty big. I suggest planning to spend a couple of hours here to see everything. If you love houses, you will never get bored while walking around here.
There are also random ducks that will swim by, so watch out on the walkway and don’t step on their poop.

Residents here know that visitors will walk by their homes on daily basis, so they’re not shy to go all out on their front lawns and gardens. It’s also really wonderful to see many butterflies around which even really make us feel remote from the rest of the city.
Highly suggested for anyone who’s visiting. If you have a couple of hours in your day, this is not at all a bad activity to do for free.


What do you think about this cool place?

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