cute ostrich

Ostrichland USA off 101 in Solvang

Ever want to get close and personal with Ostriches and Emus? Yup, now’s your chance. This weekend, why don’t you spend an hour feeding cute gigantic ostriches and little emus?


This awesome ostrich farm is right in Solvang and it is not too far from the city. It is really easy to get to. By typing Ostrichland in your GPS or Google Maps, it should certainly bring you to the right place!

cute ostrich


These emus and ostriches are NOT for eaten. Although they sell ostrich jerky here, the ostriches here are pretty much safe. It is quite an experience to get to feed these beautiful creatures. it is $4 for people above 13 and $3 for those under. $1 for a small tray of ostrich food.

little emu

It is quite an interesting experience. These ostriches are very aggressive and they will even fight one another for your food. I mean, how much do they eat? People roll in all day especially on the weekends during the summer, and these monsters just keep on eating.


The farm is quite big but ostriches are locked up in confined area. I hope they get to walk around at some point.

You pretty much walk up to them and feed them the food. Hold on to the tray with two hands to secure it from falling off. Don’t try to pet them or ride them no matter how much you want to because they will most likely bite your fingers off.

We spend a good 30-45 minutes here laughing at how cool these creatures are and how they are so aggressive. We did a couple of rounds of feeding because these ostriches eat really quickly. Emus are much more passive and respectful.

Overall, this place was awesome and I definitely think that kids will love it. If you’re driving through central california, i think that a little detour through Solvang to Ostrich Land is definitely a must! This is the kind of activity where it is just a quick stop but it is something cheap and fun for you entire family to do together. Think about it, when else are you going to feed ostriches!

If you want more info about the farm, visit Ostrichland 101 official website.


What do you think about this cool place?

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