Go Wild at the Abandoned Zoo in Griffith Park

If you find that L.A. zoo is a bit too hectic and overcrowded this weekend, you may want to explore a different zoo that is located nearby in Griffith Park. Nope, there are no animals here… what? Then how can it be a zoo? Well, there used to be, and now it’s just abandoned. The cool thing is the cages are left open for you to go in, explore, and see what it’s like to be stucked in those cages. This place is amazingly cool, unique, and so much fun to explore. This is the perfect playground for people of all ages. Younger kids will have fun crawling and hopping in and out of cages while adults won’t feel awkward doing the same while taking some cool artsy photos. Oh, yes, this place is also free and parking is free.

 Old Zoo
Inside of the cages

My friends and I came to visit this place on a weekend late in the afternoon around 5pm. There were not that many people there. A few family will stroll in but this place rarely gets crowded, which is great because it will be pretty cramp if there are a lot of people trying to crawl through little cages at the same time.

After exiting the 5 from downtown LA, turn right to head toward Griffith Park, then you will see a stop sign intersection, go straight and then left at the second stop intersection. This zoo is BEFORE the current L.A. So if you start to see the golf course on your left and LA zoo sign, then you have gone too far. However, if you’re coming down south from L.A. zoo, stop at the first intersection, and then turn right. The rule is to keep following the sign for “Old Zoo Picnic Area”.

Once you make a turn at the intersection, stay left, and you will see a sign for “Old Zoo Picnic Area”, then turn left (don’t keep going straight uphill), and then you will see a row of cars park on your left. You can find a parking spot here; however, if it’s a weekend, you may have a hard time, so it’s okay to turn around and go find parking somewhere else. From the parking lot, continue to walk up hill and then you will see a giant open field of grass. Across the field, you will see a giant lion king style structure with three “doors”. Well, if you see this, then you’re in the right place.


Walk across the field to the big structure, continue right uphill and you’ll see a split. To your left, there’s a gate and to your right it’s the paved path; both are old zoo so you can pick which way you want to explore first. Some cages could be blocked off by the park authority but someone always find a way to get in so look around and see which hole you can squeeze yourself through.
Remember to bring food, water, and blanket to sit on. It’s a park, so you should have a picnic after a few hours of exploring and walking. Take your time, and try to see everything. This place is BIG!


What do you think about this cool place?

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