First Time Outdoor Rock Climbing

After a month of climbing indoor, It’s time for me to test my skill (or the lack of) outside. I’ve been wanting to climb outdoor for a long time, but I didn’t have any friends who do and this isn’t a kind of thing where I can just go do myself – without knowing how to set up anchor properly and having all the gear.

I found an online group, SoCal Mountaineer, for those interested in climbing, and there was a posting for outdoor climbing in Joshua Tree. I was so pumped they let me join them even though I was so inexperienced.

I arrived early at the popular joint in Joshua Tree, Crossroad Cafe and met the event organizers. We took off soon after and began our first climb at Quail Springs inside Joshua Tree National Park.

The organizers quickly set up the anchors with my little help, and we started climbing. We set up a total of 5 ropes that day and climbed throughout the day into the afternoon.

It was probably the best climbing day i’ve ever had. I love the challenge of not knowing where to put my foot and where to go next. It was hard but it was so much more fun.

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Below are some images from the day.

Me climbing

nearby cool things to do in Joshua Tree


      1. I’ve seen a couple of episodes. It’s a pretty intense show!!! hahaha that’d be awesome to get paid to travel and have a ton of fun.

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