Tokopah Falls Hike in Sequoia National Park

This 1,200 feet tall waterfalls is easily accessed via an easy 1.2 mile trail from Lodgepole Campground. Along the way there, you will be walking along a creek and a few other smaller waterfalls. This is truly an amazing hike and the view is stunning. The waterfalls is at its best in early summer and can get significantly smaller later in the summer especially during a dry year.

Smaller waterfall on the way to Tokopah Falls


Where: Giant Forest and Lodgepole area, Sequoia National Park, California

Nearby Camping: Lodgepole Campground

Hike: Starts from Marble Fork Bridge from the Lodgepole Campground. This is a 1 mile one-way hike and includes very little elevation gain. It is pretty easy-moderate hike. The trail becomes fairly rocky toward the end.

Highlights: Tokopah Falls and running creek along the hike.

My friends and I camped in the Lodgepole Campground, so the hike was easily accessible for us. We started in the early morning on a very mild and beautiful day. The clear sky was just unbelievable. This hike will take you on a shady trail with a few stop worthy smaller waterfalls before the big boy that is Tokopah Falls.

The icy snow melt water was just far too cold for us to swim on such a chill day, but we did enjoy dipping our feet in. We did this hike in August, so the falls was fairly small but it allowed us to approach the waterfall closer. We ate and took a nap there before making our way back to the campground.

This hike is great for all hikers. It’s not too short or too long and the elevation gain is very minimal. I highly recommend this hike for all first timers at Sequoia National Park.

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