LA’s best scenic route, Angeles Crest Highway

Possibly one of the most scenic roads you can take in southern california, the angeles crest highway runs through the san gabriel mountain range all the way through the Angeles National Forest.

This road is amazingly beautiful. You will forget that downtown Los Angeles is just minutes away. The road is never congested unless there’s a construction. This road also leads to many picnic areas and several trailheads for mountain biking and hiking such the San Gabriel Peak.

This 66 miles route runs from the town of La-Canada Flintridge to Wrightwood. You can access by either sides of the mountain. From downtown LA, take the I-5 north to HWY 2 North, the road will turn into Angeles Crest Highway. To access it from the east side (San Bernardino area), take the 15 north to 138 and then the 2 toward Wrightwood.

If you have time this weekend, take a less travel road and see the best wilderness in LA county.

Angeles Crest Highway in the summer

going through a tunnel
LA from distance
even more beautiful in winter time


  1. We are going to LA in Sept. We are planning on going straight from LAX to this highway and finding a place to stay the night and then drive back to West Hollywood for remainder of vacation. Any suggestions of towns/places to stay at farthest point of scenic route?

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