Angels Knoll aka The Park From 500 Days Of Summer (currently closed)

One of the best things about living in Los Angeles is that you can probably find the filming locations of your favorite films. In (500) Days Of Summer, the popular romantic film starring Zooey Deschanel and Joseph Gordon Levitt, there is a famous scene where the two characters sit at a bench on top of a hill overlooking the streets below. This exact bench and park actually exists right in downtown Los Angeles.

The scene from the movie 500 days of summer
the 500 days bench in Angel Knolls Park

The park is called “Angel Knolls Park”. This secret gem is gaining its popularity. It’s a cool spot to stop by when you are in downtown area. I wouldn’t call the park a very nice place to hang out, though. It’s just not very clean and the park is rather small.

Regardless, it’s kind of cool to sit exactly where the actors were and take pictures. For tourists who are visiting LA for the first time, this is a cool spot to stop if you’re a fan of the film. Your picture will also give you plenty of dragging right.

Also, the famous Angel Flight railway in located right below the park opposite from the Grand Central Market (a great place to stop by for food). The stairs that lead you to the park is also right next to the railway flight. You can take the railway up to the park (25 cents per person) and take a short walk down.

The park entrance sign and the stairs up to the park, located next to the railway

Here’s the exact coordinate of the park: 34.050602,-118.250121

Warning, parking is expensive around here. Be prepared to pay $10+ for a parking spot if you can’t find any street parking. The best way to get here is to take the metro (LA subway system). You can take either the red or the purple line to Pershing Square station to access the park.



  1. Is the park still open? The last few weeks that I came it was closed. There were fence around it and a sign indicating that it’s closed to the public. Are they remodeling the place or planning to do something with it? So disappointed that I came for the first time on two occasion and it was fenced in.

    1. hey Anna,

      so sorry to hear that you couldn’t visit the park. I think they might be doing some work there. I’m not 100% sure though since i don’t live around there. If i find out more info about the park, i’ll post an update here. thanks for visiting.

  2. The park is now closed. Just found out that it’s due to so many homeless and also rats infestation. They are looking to sell the property, but no date has been set yet. I’m so disappointed. I wish I had known about this park sooner. Just discovered it and it’s no longer open. Sigh…

    1. Oh no!!! that’s really disappointing. It’s one of the only nice spots in downtown area.

      It was never the nicest park but it was a cool little spot to by when hanging out in the downtown area.

      I’ll update this post so that other readers will know. Thanks for letting me know. I wish you had the chance to visit!

  3. Hey guys- I live in the apartment building next to the park and I started a petition to get the park re-opened. You can sign/promote it here: Also, I created a facebook page so that people can leave their comments on why we should re-open it and what they think the best way to get that done would be.

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