Where To See Sea Lions For Free in Monterey

Monterey Aquarium is too expensive for you? Don’t lose your hope on seeing sea life! because not too far away from the aquarium dozens of sea lions are literally chilling on the tide breaker for you to look at for free.

Baby sea lion swimming


Monterey is truly a beautiful city. There are so many things to do there from kayaking, visiting one of the most famous aquarium in the world, strolling down the historic downtown on cannery row, and numerous hiking and camping opportunities. However, all of that may cost you a lot of money. If you’re seeking for a free activity to do in San Diego, I really recommend you take a walk down the Coast Guard Pier next to the Reeside Access Beach Park; dozens of full grown sea lions, baby sea lions, and hundreds of pelicans will be hanging out on the rocks. You don’t even see this many sea lions at zoos, and you have to pay to see them.

my friend seeing sea lion for the first time


The Coast Guard Pier is located right next to the Reeside Access Beach Park. The park is right next to Cannery Row. From the left end of the Cannery Row (where Monterey Aquarium is located), walk the opposite direction toward Fishermen Wharf, and only for about ten or fifteen minutes, you should see a small beach area with a small size grass field. Continue to walk pass the beach, and you should see a long tide breaker. From the big parking lot next to the beach, just walk on the concrete walkway into the ocean.


My friend and I just stopped here on our way to San Francisco, and we wanted to do something for free since we didn’t have money to go into the Monterey Aquarium. We literally just stumbled upon this by accident. A sea lion roared at my friend, and we both yelled “cooool” like a three year old seeing dolphin for the first time.

It was such an experience to get to see these cool animals in the “wild”. Well, at least they were not locked up in a small pool. I really recommend this as an activity for you to do if you just happen to spend a day in Monterey or just driving pass by. Kids will especially like this. Since it’s free, this shouldn’t add more cost to your trip. After you enjoyed all the sea lions, just remember to stroll down the historic Cannery Row as well!


  1. We visit Monterey often since it is just 2 hours away. Another great free activity is the bike/walk pathway that run right along the coastline. You can walk for hours, enjoying the beautiful bay and a multitude of wildlife.

  2. I truely agree with all of you. I also admit that awesome place to make your self very relax and fresh. At that place many things which makes you energetic and give you lots of happiness. you can go for markets, museums, parks, beaches, spas, restaurants, tours, wine tasting and etc. I also recommend you those who are planning to go outside, once visit Monetery. You can make such a lovely memories in you life.

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