Arch Rock In Joshua Tree National Park

If you live in California and dream about seeing one of those amazing arch rocks in Arches National Park, today is your lucky day. You may not need to get all the way out to Utah to see one of these natural wonders. We’ve got one right here in Southern California’s only and favorite national park, Arch Rock in Joshua Tree.


Where: Arch Rock, Joshua Tree National Park

How to get there: From the park’s Joshua Tree visitor center entrance, you will the follow the main park road, drive pass Ryan Mountain and turn right toward White Tank Campground

Trailhead: Trail starts in White Tank Campground. There are 3 parking spots right by the trailhead.

Trail: this is a very short, easy, and flat 1 mile loop that take you to the arch rock. From the trailhead, you can either make a right or left. If you simply see the Arch without doing the loop, you should make the right and the Arch Rock is just a short few minutes walk. But the hike is beautiful, so you should do it!

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Nearby cool places: Noah Purifoy Art Museum, Desert Christ Park, Mojave Desert, Cabazon Dinosaur

Although Arch Rock is not a complete clear cut arch like the ones that you will find in Utah. Yes it isn’t as big as the famous Delicate Arch, but it is very worth seeing if you’re doing a trip to Joshua tree! Since this hike is so short, you can do this at the end of the day. The view is beautiful and it’s a place where you can spend sometimes just chilling. There are some rock cracks and boulders for you to climb in the area, so make sure to explore around.

My friend exploring nearby rocks
View along the trail


Bunch of cool folks on the rock


My friend climbed up this nearby rock



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