Mosaic Of Miniature Worlds At Hidden Valley: Joshua Tree National Park

Naturalist Peggy Larson called this place, the mosaic of miniature worlds. The quote is posted on a post at the beginning of this short trail loop. At first, you may not understand what the heck Mrs. Larson was talking about, but after taking the hike, I think that you will understand hear. The trail takes you on a journey from a narrow trail that has two giant wall of rock on both sides to an open valley surrounded by amazing rock formation. The valley looks like the entire desert and all the hills surrounding it look like big mountains. You’ll feel like you’re a part of some kid’s lego collection.

Where: Wonderland of Rocks, Joshua Tree National Park
Distance: 1.5 miles loop trail
Direction: From the West Entrance Visitor center, just keep on going straight on Park Road for about 15 minutes drive, and you will eventually see a really big sign that says Hidden Valley. You will enter the large parking lot. This is a day use area and there are plenty of picnic tables around.
Trail Head GPS Coordinates: 34.012743, -116.168729
Highlights: Really awesome rock formation and also a giant wall for repelling or rock climbing.
Visited: Late November
Level: Easy, more like a walk. But you should climb some rocks!
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view from the beginning of the trail. You can see the parking lot of Hidden Valley.

Hidden Valley is really popular for rock climbers. Many people from the area will come out here to rock climb. This is a loop trail, where you will get to take a walk through this valley surrounded by really awesome rocks. It truly deserves the name hidden valley because of all the hills that surround the valley.

Despite being wildly popular and the trail can fill up with children and hikers, the valley is so large that you can find a place just for you and your friends. There are several rocks for you to climb on top of. Please be careful and don’t fall off.

This place was so cool, and it is a great hike for people of all ages. All the signs are helpful and trail is so well marked.

at the trail head. there’s a sign.
Beginning of the trail. Start off easy.
Can you lift the rock?
Look at this crazy rock climber!
More view of the valley
Rock climbers! so cool
running into the wild
Miniature worlds of hidden valley


What do you think about this cool place?

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