Best Road Trip Songs

I love to drive. Nothing relaxes me more than driving down a long and empty freeway and blasting my favorite tunes with the windows rolled down. With the right tunes, I can drive all day! If you’re going on a long trip or simply want new music to add to your library, here are some of my favorite road trip songs. These songs are mostly upbeat alternative rock and a little bit of electro and some R&B. I hope that you like my playlist. Also, if you know any good songs that I should add to the list, please comment or email me!

Song / Artist

Make it Mine/ Jason Mraz
Walking On a Dream / Empire Of the Sun
Safe and Sound / Capital City
On Top Of The World / Imagine Dragons
40 Day Dream / Edward Sharpe
Isn’t It Time / The Beach Boys
Anna Sun / Walk The Moon
California Sunrise / Dirty Gold
We Went Wild / Lord Huron
Strange Attractor / Animal Kingdom
Hold On / Alabama Shakes
Take A Walk / Passion Pit
Next In Line / Walk the Moon
Fables / The Dodos
Party / Beyonce’
Take A Picture / Filter
Nothing But Time / Opus Orange
The World Is Spinning / Opus Orange
Mr. Polite / The Jungle Giants
All The Wrong Places / The Jungle Giants
I Get Up / Quiet Hounds
Take It Back / Tumbleweed Wanderers

Now if music gets you excited and want to go on a road trip, here are full day trips in Southern California to unusual places that you should visit!

If you have any suggestions, let me know. I always want new good music! email me at Thank you.


    1. Nice to see another Lord Huron fan out there! They came to perform live at my school last spring and they were so incredible live!! thank you for your comment. Let me know if you want to recommend any songs! I’m always looking for more music

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