Nojoqui Falls & Classic Organic Market in Solvang

Looking for a cool and free things to do in Santa Barbara? How about a short and easy hike to a waterfall with a stop at an organic produce store?


Nojoqui Falls Park is located just outside of Solvang, a little town north of Santa Barbara. It is free for the public to visit, plenty of parking, picnic area, and not usually crowded. The waterfall is beautiful. Although my friends and I visited over the summer when it was pretty much dry, I could tell that in the spring, this place would be spectacular.

The falls was pretty dry because it’s summer

It is definitely a great place to stop on your way to Solvang. This is a 600 foot water falls and the hike is merely just a little over half a mile round trip. This is a great super easy hike for all people. The path is well maintained and there are bridges to let you cross the stream safely.


It is pretty easy to get to Nojoqui Falls. It is located right off the 101 freeway. From Santa Barbara, take the 101 north toward Solvang and turn right onto Old Coast HWY just a little past Gaviota State Park. Stay on Old Coast for a couple of miles and make a right onto Alisal Road, drive for a couple of miles, and you’ll see a big wooden sign on your right that says “Nojoqui State Park”, make the right to enter the park. Now on your right, you will a big parking area; that’s a good place to have picnic and there’s also a restroom.

However, to get to the falls, just drive pass that parking area and continue straight. You will then see another turn on your left to a campground, just keep going straight and park somewhere around there. You will take a short walk to the trailhead and you should see a sign that says “to the waterfall”. It’s a pretty big sign, so you shouldn’t miss. Now it’s really only a quarter of a  mile to the falls and there’s no elevation gain.

Classic Organic Farm and Market

This organic produce store is located on Old Coast HWY. To get here, when you exit the park, make left to get on Alisal road, and now make a right to head north (if you come from Santa Barbara, you’re going the opposite direction from when you come in), continue on Old Coast HWY for a couple of miles and the market will come up on your right. You’ll be driving pass a long stretch of farm on both sides.

Here it is loyalty based, which means that there’s no one there to collect money but you’re responsible for paying by putting your money in the jar that they have. No credit, but paypal account is accepted.

classic organic market

They have anything from fresh vegetables, strawberries, and other kinds of fruits. I assume that they will have different things every season because it is organic.

Now from the market, you can continue on Alisal road and get back on the 101.



  1. Wow, an honor based system! Who knew that it would work in today’s society. Thanks for passing along the information about the waterfall hike.

    1. yea seriously! I don’t doubt that people steal things out of there but then i feel like some folks may have paid more also because they want to support the store. you’re welcome and i hope you get to visit the falls. thanks for commenting 🙂

    1. Yea, the dry fall was a little anti-climatic but i made the most of it. i was glad that i got to get closer to the falls but then i want to visit again after the snow melt.

      You’re very welcome! the organic market was really cool and it was the first time I saw a loyalty program like that. Thank you for commenting

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