When A California Beach Turns Into A Scene From Silent Hill

If you live in Southern California, you would know that it has been really foggy in the past couple of days (November 24, 2012) especially early morning between 3am and 8am. Now, it is really unusual for SoCal to be like this. Stereotype is certainly true down here; it’s November right now and it was 80 degrees yesterday (at least in Orange County), so I find a foggy winter weather really exciting.

I love going to the beach at night especially in the AM because there’s no one there. I even wrote a post about how much I love the beach at night. However, I woke up early yesterday to catch this foggy scene at the beach, and oh boy, it was quite something. I’ve never seen the beach like lonely and scary before and yet so pretty. It was like a scene from that horror movie, Silent Hill.

The pier got eaten by the fog

I parked, got out of my car, and was completely surrounded by fog. I was surprised that beside some fishermen on the pier, there were nobody else. I made a walk on the beach and it was such a relief that there were no body around, but it was also quite creepy because I was surrounded by fog. This was around 6am btw.

My eyes did not like me in the morning for forcing it to open so early, but it was so worth it. I love the morning, and I want to wake up early more often because being awake while most people are asleep is one of the best thing. You will feel like you have the entire world to yourself.

I suggest that you try going to the beach when there’s less people either in the morning or at night and experience a different side of it. Usually the beaches in Southern California are crowded, and these are the only two times in the morning where you’ll have most of the beach to yourself.

If you’re wondering about cops, it is legal to go in the morning, and it’s technically “not legal” to go at night. But beaches are public spaces, and cops will not give you trouble unless you’re disturbance to others. However, bring a friend and be safe!

If you haven’t done something cool this weekend, then I encourage you to grab a couple of friends and go to the beach tonight or early tomorrow morning! I know it sounds crazy, but sometimes, you have to sacrifice sleep for something spectacular and awesome.

Not sure which beach to go to? I suggest Newport Beach Balboa Pier. It has plenty of parking and it is easily accessible so you won’t have to worry about getting lost. I’d pick Balboa Pier over Newport pier though because it’s bigger and has less crowd in the morning. But Newport Beach is also one of the best beaches in Southern California in general. You can rent a bike and bike down the pedestrian path at the beach between Balboa Pier and Newport Pier, you can also rent out a cabin and spend a holiday right on the beach, and there are so many different restaurants in the area to choose from!

Have a great time exploring the beaches. Where is your favorite beach in California? Share them with me because I’d love to go explore new places.


  1. we’re always here to fish and just be… have fun, bicycling or I just run along the cemented path up to The Wedge. 🙂

      1. it’s really fun esp when you catch some fish up! you should try and maybe we meet someday out there by chance, who knows!

  2. I hate fogs. Well, I hate driving in fog. I don’t go out when it’s foggy. The only time that I really enjoy fog area was in Shell Beach in Pismo. The fog gave it a very nice look. I tried to hike once in a foggy environment to see if I can take pictures of mountains with the fog, but I couldn’t see ****. 😀

    1. If it comes down between sunshine and fog then definitely sunshine for me as well. But once in a while it’s so interesting to be in a foggy environment. I wouldn’t want to go hiking in fog either because I want to see the view hahaha. I need to check out Shell beach! I’ve never been to anything around Pismo yet.

      1. I just hate gloomy weather in general. It always brings me down.
        Shell Beach in Pismo is going up North. It was a quick stop for me, but I loved it very much with the stunning views of the cliff.

      1. Occasionally we get a ground fog here in Florida, and it’s a real treat to see the palms in the fog – really neat effect for photography. I do love my sunshine!

  3. Hey I just stumbled on your blog through one of your comments! Looks great! Looks like you are creating some cool stuff here and going on some fun adventures!

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