Let’s Eat Gator Hot Dog in Venice | Wurstküche

This place serves exotic sausages. From rattlesnake to bunny, you can try a lot of different meats that you won’t usually find anywhere else in LA. Sausages at Wurstkuche are great introduction for you to the unusual meat. This is for you if you want to step out of the chicken and beef boundary but nothing too hardcore. They mix all the “exotic” meat with the typical meat to balance out the taste; for example, buffalo and beef and alligator and pork, so the exotic tastes don’t hit you too hard the first time.

All the variety of sauces
All the variety of sauces


Address: 625 Lincoln Blvd, Venice, CA 90291
Menu: here’s the PDF of the menu
Deliciousness: 4 out of 5 stars
Highlight: Alligator and pork sausage. But I actually like their fries more! Get large fries, they are so dang good
Parking: Street nearby or Smart & Final across the street (if you get ticket for w/e reason, don’t blame me )

This place was pretty tasty. It was my first time trying alligator, so I actually don’t know if the sausages were good for alligator meat. I just know that their hotdogs are freakin’ delicious. This place seems be a local favorite for late night hangout; beer and sausages! What could be better, right?

this video by Hungry City Guide does a really great cover of the place

pictures that will make your mouth water!

Alligator and pork hot dogg wurstkuche hotdog eating at wurstkuche ketchup and mustard trying alligator for the first time


  1. I tried the rattlesnake sausage, one bite, just so I’m prepared in case I’m ever stranded in the wild and have to eat snake. It tasted like pork.

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