3 must do iconic hikes in Moab, Utah

Moab is a truly amazing town for desert lovers. Not only does it have 2 famous national parks within 30 mins drive, Arches and Canyonlands national parks, there are several other hikes in the area that are equally, if not more, iconic than those hikes you will find in the national parks. Below are the three hikes that you absolutely must do if you visit Utah!

1. Fisher Towers

fisher tower in moab utah

This is well known among locals and travellers for its unique spiral rock features that really stand out among the vast flat desert land. Rock climbers have been coming to the Fisher Towers for ages to climb up to the top. Citi Bank has also contributed to the popularity of this hike by filming one of their commercials here starring world class climbers Katie Brown and Alex Honnold. Read more about Fisher Towers. 

2. Negro Bill Canyon

negro bill canyon

This hike will take you on an easy journey deep into a famous Utah canyon and, at the end, you will be rewarded with a stunning natural bridge feature hanging over a large chamber. The trail requires several creek crossing so don’t expect to keep your feet dry. This out and back hike is to be conquered by everyone who visits Moab. Read more about Negro Bill Canyon.

3. Corona Arch

corona arch

Last but not least and possibly the most sensational is the famous Corona Arch. After having been feature in a Youtube viral rope swing video. But swinging on a rope through the arch just a few feet right above the ground isn’t the only way to appreciate this majestic rock feature. You can do a moderate hike to this arch and see it from the ground level. This arch is easily accessible with a wide parking area and is a merely 20-30 mins drive from the town of Moab. Read more about Corona Arch here. 

Here are the top hikes that you must do in utah! If you know any other, please comment below because i’d love to check them out.


  1. It’s a beautiful area. We found a side road that led us to a place with fossils and petroglyphs when we visited. Would love to go again. We’re heading to Palm Springs/Joshua Tree at the end of April – need to look up your tips!

    1. Hey Pam! so sorry for the late reply on this. I have been getting so many spams that I just missed out on real comments. How was your trip to JT?

      1. Hi, Snook. Sorry you got stuck with so many spams. You might contact wordpress about fixing that. We loved Joshua Tree – simply gorgeous! I never get tired of seeing it. We felt fortunate to see flowers since it had been such a dry year. How lucky you can visit it often!

      2. it’s definitely awesome to live only a hop away from JT I’m moving to COlorado soon though so i won’t be too close anymore! but more to new adventures!

      3. Colorado should be awesome! Mountains, rock climbing (plus minerals and fossils), and big mammals. Can’t wait to hear all about it!

  2. I really would like to visit Corona Arch in the near future. Saw someone was using the Corona Arch to free swing in the youtube. It looks pretty crazy. Of course I def not going to try that~ But just being there, I bet it has an amazing view.

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