Most people who are visiting Salvation Mountain just made the hill the one stop on their trip without bothering to check out nearby awesome attractions. If you walk up to the top of the Salvation Mountain, you will see in the near distance two giant walls with colorful painting. From this distance, it may not look interesting, but trust me, you want to get a closer look.

Nearby Attractions include
1.  Salvation Mountain
2. East Jesus Post-Apocalyptic Art Project
3. Salton Sea 4. 
4. International Banana Museum.

Looking at the water storage from distance

It is merely less than a quarter of a mile walk on flat ground there from the top of Salvation Mountain, which is another reason why I think you definitely should make a stop here. You won’t be able to drive up there unless you have like an ATV car or a good 4-wheel drive. However, it is so close by I think you can just walk there.

I am not sure why these painting are here, but at Slab City, artists from all over have come here to express their creativity which create many of these amazing unusual art projects in the desert. For example, East Jesus which is also less than a mile away from Salvation Mountain, is a garden filled with post apocalyptic art projects done by multiple artists out of trash and used items that people have been dumping in this desert for years.

This old water treatment is also a one man painting project. According to a guy named John, who I met at Salvation Mountain on my last visit, the artist came out here a long time ago and basically painting all of these two water tanks.

The painting include many explicit and pornographic images of animals and weird figures of people. I find it to be extremely fascinating and so interesting  My friends and I walked all around both tanks to see every inch of it, and we tried to analyze what the art meant. Although we didn’t quite understand the animal sex, on the different tank is filled with images of dinosaurs and popular brand logos such as McDonald’s, Visa, and GM. We interpreted that it symbolizes how dinosaurs used to once rule the world but now these powerful companies are the ones that run the world. Not a bad interpretation, I guess.

So this is a painting of a dragon in military uniform masturbating…. fascinating

I found this place to be really amazing, and I highly recommend that anyone stop here on their visit to Slab City. Some of my friends even like this place more than the mountain itself. I don’t see point in comparing arts though because they are so subjective.


This place is located right behind Salvation Mountain. Wak to the top of the mountain and look out into the distance and you will definitely see it because it’s so close by. Google Map Salvation Mountain in Niland, Ca and it should give an accurate direction. Here’s a good website that show where things are in approximate of one another.


more animal sex

Written by Snook

I do one cool thing every weekend!


What do you think about this cool place?

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