First Time Visit To Bryce Canyon National Park

Nature never fails to make my jaw drops, and Bryce Canyon is one of its finest work. These  amazing hoodoos are so strange and unique that it’s hard to believe that ordinary things like freezing temperature, erosion, and wind can cause such a natural wonder.

Bryce Amphitheater during late afternoon

When people think about Bryce Canyon, they are most likely thinking of the Bryce Amphitheater. The view of the amphitheater is magnificent all day all year, but many photographers choose to rise early in the morning to capture Bryce Canyon at its best, during the sunrise.

sunrise at bryce canyon

Located in Utah, Bryce is one of state’s 5 national parks and is the second most popular after Zion National Park.

The biggest bummer about visiting Bryce is its size. Bryce Canyon is small. You can pretty much see the entire canyon from a single view point. The sheer amount of people that visit this park daily turns this small place into a mini Disneyland. However, you can avoid the crowd a little bit by hiking down into the canyon, which only a few percentage of visitors do.

In my opinion, while observing Bryce from above is stunning, there’s nothing quite like being close and personal with a place like this. I loved being able to slide my hands across the surface of a hoodoo and appreciate the beauty from down below.

Hiking in Bryce can be difficult for some due to the elevation changes. Similarly to the Grand Canyon, you first descend but then you will have to climb back up to your car. There are a few easy trails that you can take, but they tend to be crowded. The good thing is that Bryce Canyon is small enough for you to be able to wander aimlessly and you will most likely be able to get back to where you came from.

No pictures can truly capture this place, especially mine, so don’t wait any longer and make Bryce be your next trip.

Visiting Bryce is easy; there’s a busy visitor center, a running shuttle from town to different viewing points along the main road, and there are two large campgrounds (they fill up quick during summer time).

You can get more information about camping, hiking, and backcountry permits at Bryce on the official website. 


  1. Great pics! We love this place – it is very special. We went in early spring when there was still snow on the ground, so it wasn’t ultra-crowded yet. We took a horse ride down into the hoodoos, which was a much easier way to get down there and back up.

    1. ahh the horses are so adorable on the trail…beside all the poops haha. i’d love to try exploring on horses in the future. it’d make me feel like the old pioneers hundreds of years back!

  2. I love Bryce Canyon! I did a road trip out there from LA this past November and it was incredible. It’s so stunning and you are totally right – it is literally impossible to properly capture this place in photos. Since I went in the winter, the crowds were not very big at all. It was also Thanksgiving weekend, so that made the crowds even less. My mom and I went together and for about 90% of the trail (we did the Navajo Loop) we were completely by ourselves. There were only people at the very beginning and end of the trail. There was also still snow on some of the hoodoos and the temperatures were fantastic because you weren’t overheated when hiking (highs were around 60, I think). There was also no shuttle when I was there because apparently the shuttle and campgrounds are closed in the winter. Did you do any of the astronomy classes at night? They are pretty interesting. I learned a lot from them.

    Reading your post definitely took me back to my trip. Bryce Canyon is such an amazing place. It’s definitely small compared to the other parks nearby (how can it compete in size to the Grand Canyon??), but there is a ton to do there besides just visiting all of the vistas. I would love to go back and hike more trails. Isn’t it amazing how the trees just grow out of the rock??

    1. Wow! i need to try Bryce in the winter. Maybe this thanksgiving i’ll head out there. Thank you for your comment and sharing your story with me.

      I didn’t do any astronomy class when i was there which is a bummer because i was there during their annual astronomy event but the tickets to the presentation was sold out and the free telescope event afterward would be pack with people, so i decided to just view the stars from my own campsite and woke up early for the sunrise instead.

      There’s so much to Bryce than the vista points definitely! i’d love to hike the backcountry trails in the future. This is such a fascinating place, and i’d love to go back one day!

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