Museum Of Death in Hollywood! Warning…scary stuff

One thing about LA that i like is the endless amount of weird stuff that exists. There’s also seem to be a museum for everything including what most people are afraid of, death. Why did i think that visiting the Museum Of Death would be a nice leisure Saturday afternoon activity? Honestly, his place threw me off for the day but not in a terrible way. It made appreciate life more and realize how fragile we all are. No matter how, death is inevitable.


Location: The museum is in Hollywood. Address is: 6031 Hollywood Blvd  Hollywood, CA 90028

Cost & Contact: $15 for general admission, (323) 466-8011, Website.

How To Get There: I personally took the metro. I got off at the Hollywood/Vine station on the red line and it was a minute bike ride and maybe a short walk to there from the station. You can drive there and there’s a free parking.

So what the hell is this?: Well, this museum is about all things related to death. Anything from serial killers, funeral home, cannibalism, execution methods, etc etc. It’s pretty fascinating.

Good to know: This place has a lot of explicit footages, images, and displays, but they are all shown in a very educational setting and tasteful manner. I was disturbed by some images and stories but really, that’s what death is.

Experience: I really learn a lot about some pretty interesting homicide cases. They have actual footages, photographs, and police documentation on some of the most popular cases. It’s well worth the $15 that I spent because i generally like weird stuff. Yes, this left me feeling a little overwhelming and down but the really intense stuff are well off the main sight which allows you to ignore them or breeze through. There’s also a two headed turtle…wah!!!

Now, I didn’t take too many pictures because i wanted to respect the “no camera” signs all around the museum, but I also wanted some content for this blog post… and i didn’t really want pictures of dead people on my phone. Hopefully, this helps bring them business. Just a disclaimer, that these images are not a good representation of the content of this museum. I purposefully didn’t take pictures of some of the stuff to keep this blog G rated.

Entrance to the museum of death… you can’t miss it.
The modern day cannibalism stories section including the popular plane crash of a rugby team where the members stayed alive by eating their own peers
This is the room about funeral home with some visitors watching the footage about the process
Here are some beautiful captures of human body parts


  1. I’ve been there last year and I really liked it; unfortunatelly I wasn’t able to sneak pics 😦 I like your blog, btw 🙂

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