Bergamot Station: best place to see arts in Santa Monica

Free parking, dozens of art galleries, and an awesome cafe just minutes away from the Third Street Promenade, what more can you ask? Bergamot Station is a unique place in Santa Monica. It consists of several art galleries that are mostly open to the public for free to visit.

If you’re tired of the usual art scene in Los Angeles like LACMA and the Getty, then this might be something that you want to check out.

You will get to visit many different galleries such as the Santa Monica Art Museum, Museum Of Practical Art, Latin American Art, and many other unique displays of paintings and photography.

My favorite thing about this place is that it’s free! This can be included into your day trip in the West side of LA. After you’re done shopping at the promenade or swimming in the ocean, make sure to drop by and expand your creativity horizon.

The Bergamot Station is open Monday to Saturday until 5pm. Some studios may be open on Sunday and there maybe some art opening on Sundays. Check out the Bergamot Station website for more information.


What do you think about this cool place?

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