Mist Falls in Kings Canyon National Park

This is one of the coolest and biggest waterfalls in the sierras! Located in Kings Canyon National Park (a part of Sequoia and Kings Canyon National Park), Mist Falls is an easy 9 miles hike round trip. The hike takes you along the kings river passing several water pools, creeks, beautiful hangout places with shade, and plenty of rocks to climb. The falls itself is just a cherry on top; this trail is stunningly beautiful.

Mist Falls


Location: Mist Falls is in the Cedar Grove area, Kings Canyon National Park, Northern California

GPS coordinator of trailhead: 36.794844,-118.582972

Miles: 9 round trip

Difficulty: easy, flat, with 600 ft of elevation gain toward the end

Highlights: mostly shaded trail, hike along a river, swimming opportunity, good view of Kings Canyon, and one of the largest waterfalls in Sequoia

My friends and I had a great time hiking the trail. It was easy but we took half the day. We hung out at different spots, went swimming in the river, and climbing some boulders and rock piles. It’s a great introductory hike to Kings Canyon. Nothing will you be hiking deep into the canyon, but you will get a good view and visit one of the most popular attractions in the National Park, Mist Falls.

Rainbow in the water
The crew with a great view of the canyon

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