Take A Stroll Through History: Olvera Street in Downtown Los Angeles

Los Angeles is filled with great history, and everyone should take the time to explore different culture and historic parts of LA. Olvera Street is the oldest part of the city.

Olvera Street is great for walking, shopping, and sighting seeing, and most importantly, it’s freaking easy to get to! This is one of the easiest tourist attraction in Los Angeles that you can get to by a metro line. The street is literally right opposite from the LA Union Station.

The history of this place is incredible from being the oldest part of town and has gone through so many changes. Overal Street is more than just a place to walk around and shop for antiques and cool stuff, but there are often performances, great food, and beautiful architecture. It’s great to see it in person, but you want to read a little more about Olvera Street before visiting so you will appreciate it more.


  1. I love Olvera Street! With the exception of an elementary school field trip, it’s not a place that I really visited until I became an adult. Now, I go several times a year. I love the food and ambiance! You’re totally right about it being one of the easiest tourist attractions accessible by Metro. On a whole, the Metro in LA isn’t the most convenient, but it really is right across from Olvera Street. I love walking through Grand Central Station too. I feel like I am transported back in time.

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