Dante’s View Point in Death Valley National Park

Dante’s Viewpoint is marked as the “best view” in the national park on the visitor magazine, and they weren’t kidding. Although the “best” view is subjective (I prefer the view from Ubehebe Crater), Dante’s View should be on everyone’s agenda.

This easy to get to and one of the most popular stops in Death Valley national park will offer you a remarkable view of the Badwater Basin and Telescope Peak. Dante’s View point can be reached from a turn off just a mile past the National Park’s welcome sign on HWY 190 from the town Death Valley Junction.

You will take a windy road a couple of thousand feet up to the viewpoint. No RV allows. I’m not sure about specific length but there are additional parking lots for RVs below the viewpoint. There’s a huge parking lot at the top. There isn’t much hiking opportunity but you can take a short easy walk out further from the viewpoint and walk around the parking area. The view is absolutely stunning and is not to be missed!

You should also stop by Zabriskie Point since they are both near each other.

You can see the road lead up to Dante’s Viewpoint at the bottom left corner.
Badwater Basin and Telescope Peak
View from the parking area

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Me enjoying the view!
Make sure to take a short walk from the parking area for better views!
Another view of the mountain range

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