Point Dume Beach in Malibu

This is often said as the nicest beach in Malibu, and it lives up to its expectation. At Point Dume State Beach, you will not only get to soak in the warm California sun on the beach, but there’s also a cliff where you can take a casual walk up for a stunning panorama view of the ocean.

Point dume

There are two ways to access the beach and the cliff. One is via PCH and Westward Beach Road; this will take you to the large paid parking space right on the beach. The other requires a bit of driving through residential area, and there’s a small free parking lot where you can easily access the cliff. GPS for both locations are provided below.

view from the Point Dume cliff
view from the Point Dume cliff

The trail to the cliff is a casual walk either from the beach or from the residential area. It will give you a really nice panorama view of the beautiful coast. I really just wanted to sit here for the entire day. The cliff gets constant crowd because it’s the most popular attraction in the park. People also do rock climbing here.

Looking south
Looking south

Point Dume beach is beautiful, and it is easily accessed from PCH. Parking is a bit brutal during weekend summer, which is $15. But during winter weekdays, it is pretty reasonable.

point dume malibu

GPS coordinate for the Cliff: 34.001327, -118.806399

GPS coordinate for the Beach: 34.010897,-118.81657

Point Dume State Park website


  1. From liush forests to mountains, to sand dunes, to beaches..CA is an amazing place! Thanks for showing us the different sides of CA! I can’t wait to visit.

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