It’s Finally Weekend! 3 Places That You Should Go

It’s the best two days of the week again! Saturday and Sunday are the days where you really should take the time to go out there and satisfy your adventurous souls. You can work hard all you want, but eventually, everyone needs a break! It is proven that taking a break will actually helps you to become more productive in the long run.

If you don’t have much time because of responsibility or whatever, I think you should still afford to do at least one awesome thing. I mean, come on, you DON’T HAVE THE TIME FOR ONE COOL THING?? Instead of watching a show or sleeping, get off your couch and do something awesome! You will not regret it.

Here are three places that you may be interested in checking out this weekend in SoCal

For animal lovers: Wild Life Learning Center

Living in LA? How about a visit to the only wildlife center in the city? All the animals are rescued from bad owners. By going here, you will not be exploiting the animals but helping them to have fulfill lives. Plus, this place is way cheaper than LA zoo.

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Petting a sloth. No big deal.
Petting a sloth. No big deal.

For avid hikers: Hidden Valley trail at Joshua Tree National Park

I did a day trip here once from Orange County, so no distance is NOT an excuse. The drive is only 2 and half hour away, and seriously this place is too freakin’ cool. Even if it was 10 hours away, I will still make the drive and camp out. Hidden Valley is a great trail for first timers at Joshua Tree because it comprises all the great things about the park: cool rock formations, rock climbing, and vast desert land all in one location.

Yes, it is winter (as of the time of writing which is Nov. 30) so you should bring a thick jacket! I mean this place is like New York cold not LA cold.

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running into the wild
running into the wild

For the artists: Norton Simon Art Museum of Pasadena

If you’re a student, you get in for free. This small museum is rich in art. If you want a get away from the overly crowded LACMA and Getty, then this is the place. It is only about 20 minutes drive from Downtown LA, but you can also get here via the metro. Click on the link above for direction. Basically, you will take the gold line north to Pasadena and a 20 minutes breezy walk on the awesome State Blvd of Pasadena is required.

garden of norton simon
garden of norton simon

What are you picking to do this weekend? What’s your plan? Share with us! Any suggestions? Have fun, and I hope that you all have a blast.


  1. Great stuff! I am hiking this weekend..CO is unbelievably warm this year (High of 60s tomorrow) which will make for perfect hiking conditions in the mountains.

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