On my road trip a while back with my friends, we stopped at Lassen Volcanic National Park and hiked the Brokeoff Mountain. If I lived near this park, I think I’d visit it every weekend. In itself, Brokeoff Mountain is the second highest point in Lassen National Park. This killer hike is one of the hardest and most rewarding in the entire park. If you’re seeking a great half day workout this weekend, hike Brokeoff Mountain. This is probably the most scenic hike in the entire park. The trail takes you deep in the forest before you get high up above the tree line to the bald summit. At the top, you can see Mt. Shasta in distance even on a cloudy day and Mt. Lassen, highest mountain the whole park, dominants the skyline.

view at the top of the summit

overview of the brokeoff mountain hike

Where: Lassen National Park near the Southwest Entrance and Kohm Yah-Mah-Nee Visitor Center.
Distance: 7 miles round trip
Elevation Gain: 2600 feet
Elevation at the top: 9235ft
Trail Head: Brokeoff Mountain trail right outside of the southwest walk-in campsite. Yes, you have to exit the park first before hiking this trial. It is still really easy to find so no worries.
How long does it take to hike: It is recommended that you spend 7 hours on this trail. Even if you find it less challenging than most, taking your time will allow you to take in all the views!
When should you hike: I hiked in the morning and got up there around noon, and it was perfect. Season is between June to September.
Difficulty: One of the hardest hikes in the park, but completely doable. It was easier than I expected. The trail is easy to follow and there are plenty of shades.

hike the trail with these pictures

useful info before the hike
Start your hike at the parking lot and take one last look at your car!
The trail is beautiful and there’s plenty of shades. The first 2 miles are pretty moderate. This is my friend hiking in front of me.
You can now see the top from a distance!

As you get closer to the summit, you can see the valley to your left! Beautiful.
the last push is the hardest
Now, we’re at the top. It’s time to eat before our way now!
This fool tries to steal my food. Not falling for it.

the trail experience

My pal and I got up quite early and hiked this at 8am to avoid the heat. Going up the mountain in the summer will be quite hot, but all the shade will provided you plenty of room to hide from the sun and rest.

It was truly a beautiful hike and until today, I’m still impressed by it and remember it vividly. This trail is a popular one in the park, so expect to be meeting new people.

There were many groups of older people from the surrounding area who come here yearly to hike the mountain. I stopped and talk to this one lady who came here several years ago and couldn’t make it to the top, but now she’s back to conquer the challenge.

It was not an easy hike, but it was completely manageable especially if you have a big breakfast and plenty of rest before. My friends and I did the entire trail in about 5 hours and we hung out at the top for quite sometimes.

you can see mountain shasta

Eating lunch at the top was amazing, because you get to pick the view between a beautiful and vast valley, mt. shasta, or lassen peak! I made a PB&J sandwich, a turkey sandwich, a bag of nuts, a banana, and a cliff bar. I know I eat so much on hikes! There were animals at the top of the mountain begging for food. I didn’t get fool for their cuteness though. Don’t ever feed animal! It makes them depend on us to survive and that’s really horrible for them because in the winter, nobody is around to feed them.

Overall, it was a beautiful hike and I would recommend anyone to do this. I am not the most athletic person, and I think that everyone can summit this peak if they’re willing to push hard enough.

Have you hiked this before? If yes, how was it?

Written by Snook

I do one cool thing every weekend!


What do you think about this cool place?

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