Everybody has a wild idea, but how about meeting someone new everyday for a year?

365 Days Traversing American Telling the Stories of Everyday People

While reading the National Geographic Traveler Online, I stumbled upon a gallery of Travelers Of The Year 2012. Ten travelers were picked to be featured.  After reading most of the stories, I have to say that they were all so inspiring and unbelievable. They remind me of how important our world is and that our shared passion for exploration and discoveries are what connect us together although we may in different parts of the world.

However, I was truly impressed and provoked by a story of one man named Theron Humphrey. His wild idea was that for 365 days, he will travel across the country, meet someone new everyday, film their stories, and share them with the rest of the world. His motto in travelling, according to his interview with the National Geographic Traveler, was “Everyone has a good story. Everyone has something to teach me”.

Image of Theron from his website

I could not agree with him more. Every time I travel to a new place especially just by myself, I encounter other interesting hikers and travelers along the way. I believe that most of you can also relate to this.

 “Everyone has a good story. Everyone has something to teach me”.

One day Theron woke up and realized that everyone saw the world so differently from him, and that simple realization turned into a long journey that had captured so many stories and empowered him to do something that not everyone will have the courage and dedicate to accomplish. For a year, he travelled, faced many issues and obstacles including getting 5 months worth of footage and $6000 of possession stolen. And yet, he finished what he started.

I checked out his official website: This Wild Idea, and listened to some of the interviews that he did with the people he met along. They’re truly wonderful, and I want to listen to them more. I encourage all of you to take sometimes to listen to them. One story per day! All I can say is, someone needs to turn Theron’s adventure into a movie like 127 hours or Into the Wild, but no amputation or death by mushroom this time.

This is a story about stories, and I am truly inspired. I just wanted to share this amazing tail with all of you. Thanks National Geographic for compiling amazing travelers all on one page for me to read. Here are other worthy Travelers of the Year picked by the National Geographic Traveler Magazine that you must check out.

Please check out Theron’s official website: This Wild Idea

and his Facebook Page

What is your wild idea? Are you travelling with a purpose? What do you think? Comment below!


  1. Wow. Theron is an inspiration. I love learning from people who have different experiences from me. I’ve learned so much since moving from the US to England.

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