Mile… Mile & A Half: A Feature Doc About John Muir Trail

As someone who’s an avid hiker and love the wilderness, I’m super stoked for this film. Mile… Mile & A Half is a feature documentary by the Muir Project. The film follows a group through hikers on a 25 days journey covering the entire length of the John Muir Trail, which is about 219 miles.

Image from the Muir Project facebook page

The release date is uncertain as they’re still finalizing their festival premiere and initial screenings. I heard they’ve done some really successful screenings so far. From watching the trailer, I cannot be more excited for the film and will definitely be at the theater when it hits Southern California.


I find it to be extremely inspiring that a group of such dedicated artists, hikers, and environmentalists would be putting this film together to show the importance and the beauty of the wilderness. I hope that after seeing this awesome trail, you will be inspired to go out there and start your own adventures! There are so many things to do wherever you live. Remember to do at least one cool thing every weekend.

Here’s an awesome music video for the film of the song Almost There by Opus Orange, one of my favorite bands right now.


What do you think about this cool place?

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