bodie ghost town

Bodie Ghost Town California

A well preserved ghost town in North East California located near Mono Lake and Yosemite.

Type in Bodie, CA on Google Maps and it will give you an accurate location. It’s located a few miles north of Mono Lake Basin and about 10 miles east of Yosemite entrance. You’ll take the freeway 395 and then turn on 270 which will be a 10 miles perfectly paved road and then continue on a 3 miles dirt road to the town. Approximately 5 hours east of the Bay Area and 7 hours north of Los Angeles.

Rarely ever too crowded but weekends during summer can be overwhelming. I believe $10 fee is charged per person which also includes tour that only runs in the morning and early afternoon on first come first served basis. Allow at least a couple of hours to explore the place. Although majority is burnt down, the town is still quite big.

This is a beautifully preserved ghost town. Don’t expect any Disneyland stuff here. There’s literally one museum and the rest of the town is exactly how it used to be. A lot of burnt down buildings and ruins for you to enter and explore. Old architecture and history to be observed and learned. This place is great for photography. Old cars, old homes, old clothes, old toilets, and old classrooms.

Cash only accepted at the fee station. It can also get REALLY hot. It’s located in the desert. Bring food because there’s nothing that you can buy here. Water can be purchased. Bring a great attitude and adventurous souls.


  1. We visited Bodie and the Eastern Sierras last October. One of our best trips ever……and the fall colors were amazing! Poo poo to all those people who say California doesn’t have fall.

    1. Bodie was definitely one of the most fascinating and beautiful places I’ve ever visited as well! I went during the summer but it was a rainy day, so It almost felt like fall. Thank you for your comment and sharing your experience with us.

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