Negro Bill Canyon Hike to Medieval Chamber in Moab, UT

One of Moab’s most popular day hikes is this canyon right by the Colorado river. On this hike, you will march along a running creek, green forest, and spectacular canyon walls to a really awesome arch rock formation and a small waterfalls. Needless to say, this is a must do hike in Moab.

View of the canyon with hikers below


Where: Moab, Utah

Trail: 6 miles roundtrip, moderate, shaded, 330 feet of elevation gain

Getting there: From the town of Moab, take HWY 128 east until you get to Negro Bill Canyon.

GPS coordinates: 38.61003,-109.534563

Highlights: Tall canyon wall, running creek, and a cool natural bridge called Morning Glory Bridge

Notes: Make sure to arrive early. This hike is popular and parking lot fills up quickly.

From the parking lot, the trailhead is easy to identify. There are also a couple of restroom stalls at the trailhead too. You will descend down into the canyon. The trail is largely flat and mostly shaded with some parts pretty exposed.

It is really hot in the summer, so make sure to wear hat and sunscreens. You will need to cross the creek a few times, but the water level isn’t high at all. There are also rocks place for you to cross. The trail quickly make it way into the canyon. The trail is easy to follow, but many people decide to create their own paths and explore different parts of the canyon, so keep your eyes on the main trail and don’t get off track.

After a three miles hike, the trail ends at a big chamber with a natural bridge over it. This is a popular canyoneering spot too. You may see a few rapellers make their ways down from the bridge. This is a good shaded spot for you to hang out and there should be a small stream falling down along the wall of the chamber making a small waterfalls.

Trail is easy to follow
The creek along the trail
view of the chamber and the morning glory bridge
Morning glory bridge from another angel
Me feeling pretty pump after the hike


What do you think about this cool place?

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