Dinosaur & Robot Metal Sculptures in Hanksville, UT

On my way to Capitol Reef National Park. I drove pass a small town of Hanksville on Hwy 24. I stopped to get gas at the local Shell station and right opposite from it is this small garden of interesting metal sculptures.

After getting the gas, I pulled over right in front of it. The place seems to be an old run-down motel or maybe it has gone out of business. The front sign for the motel is broken and the name is removed. The place looks like it would make the perfect location for a sequel to Psycho or Vacancy.

This was an awesome stop for me to walk around and get my legs muscle loose up after hours of driving from Canyonlands National Park to Capitol Reef National Park.

Hanksville is really only about an hour away from Capitol Reef, depending on how fast you drive. If you want a cool and quirky attraction to stop by and to check out, I really recommend you stopping in Hanksville and check out this place. This place is not a destination in itself but a cool roadside stop nonetheless. I didn’t see anyone there, so I’m not sure about the back story of this place.

If you live in Southern California, there are metal animal sculptures scattered throughout Anza Borrego State Park near San Diego. You should definitely check them out as well.

pictures of the sculpture place

Reminds me of that dog from Frankenweenie


What do you think about this cool place?

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