Explore Old Ruins At The Wonderland Wash: Joshua Tree National Park

Right in the middle between Wall Street Mill and Barker Dam in the Wonderland of Rocks of Joshua Tree National Park, there’s a ruin of a pink building that is easily accessed via a short walk. It is less travelled between the trail is unmarked, but you may actually like the ruins here better than both Barker Dam and Wall Street Mill.

the ruin

Where: Just right off the trail to Wall Street Mill in the Wonderland of Rocks, Joshua Tree National Park
Distance: a few hundred feet from the second dirt parking lot. 1.3 mile from the main parking lot of the Wonderland of Rocks.
Direction: From the West Entrance Visitor center, just keep on going straight on Park Road for about 15 minutes drive, and you will eventually see a really big sign that says “Barker Dam” and you will make a left and drive for another half a mile to a large well maintained parking lot with restrooms or keep driving straight a make a left onto a dirt parking lot.
Trail Head GPS Coordinates: 34.024805,-116.141864
Highlights: A ruin of an old building, great for photography
Visited: Late November
Level: Barely a hike; more like a walk and exploration

the trail to the ruin is on the left

I love this building because this place is like exploring an old ruin of some ancient civilization. To get to this trail, you will simply hike toward Wall Street Mill, it is the same trail, but only about one tenth of the trail, you will see a pretty large unmarked trail that goes off to your left. You will take this trail and in a minute, you will see an abandoned old pink building.

I’m not quite sure about the history of this place. It was a great spot to explore, take pictures, and just kind of have fun with friends. We took plenty of photos with house.

From this ruin, you can go back to the main trail and continue your journey to Wall Street Mill; where you see a couple of abandoned old cars, an old coal mill, and a windmill.


    1. There’s a museum north of the West Entrance in Joshua Tree, CA called Purifoy Outdoor Museum. I haven’t been there but I know where it is. Here’s the exact GPS coordinate: 34.195342°, -116.288229

      website: http://noahpurifoy.com/

      We didn’t get to go here last visit because the sun went down and we wanted to catch the sunset, but it certainly looks really awesome.

      Thank you so much for reading all the Joshua Tree posts! I really appreciate it. More than anything I try to make this blog helpful and inspiring and I’m glad to see that people are actually reading it. Thanks!

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