Historic Wall Street Mill: Joshua Tree National Park

In the Wonderland Of Rocks, the two popular trails are Barker Dam, Wonderland Wash Ruins, and Wall Street Mill. If you visit Joshua Tree National Park, this is a good place to start your day before you park in one parking lot and you get to explore two trails! Or if you’re lazy, you can drive further down the road to the second parking lot on a dirt road.

Where: Wonderland of Rocks, Joshua Tree National Park
Distance: 2 miles loop trail
Direction: From the West Entrance Visitor center, just keep on going straight on Park Road for about 15 minutes drive, and you will eventually see a really big sign that says “Barker Dam” and you will make a left and drive for another half a mile to a large well maintained parking lot with restrooms.
Trail Head GPS Coordinates: 34.024805,-116.141864
Highlights: A wind mill, an abandoned mill, and multiple old abandoned cars
Visited: Late November
Level: Easy
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From the parking lot, you can see another trail that says “Wall Street Mill Trail” and you can take a short 1 mile walk to the trailhead in the second parking lot, or you can simply drive to the second lot. It is a pretty walk, so I recommend you walking!

This is a pretty easy hike only slight harder than Barker Dam. Here you will get to explore several point of interests including an old wind mill and a old coal mill.

A little bit of the history from Wikipedia: “The Wall Street Mill in Joshua Tree National Park was a complete and operable gold ore crushing mill featuring late-19th Century two-stamp millmachinery. Consequently the significance encompasses the mill machinery, the building which houses it, the well which supplied water for the mill’s operation, and the well pump. It is the only gold ore crushing mill in the region that retains integrity.”

Once you reach the coal mill, you will see that it is wired off. Well, my friends and I just crawled in but i’m not suggesting that you should. All I’m going to say is that it was pretty dang cool inside, but I understand why they would wire it off. It is pretty shaky in there. A lot of people then to go in anyways, and I don’t think that you will fall through the floor or fall off unless you dance around in there. Use your common sense.

There are a couple of old cars around the ground, so make not to miss them because they are pretty cool. You should climb up a rock near by to get a better view of the place. The view is pretty spectacular.

My friends and I had our lunch here and almost fall asleep. The weather was nice, the sun was out, and the food filled our tummy made us feel so sleepy.

On your walk back to the dirt, there will be another trail that goes off to the right almost right before the parking lot. If you follow the trail, only a few hundred feet, you will see a ruin of a pink building; that’s Wonderland of Rocks Ruins. Make sure to stop there, because it is pretty cool!

Click if you want to see more pictures of Wall Street Mill trail


  1. I have yet to cover Joshua Tree. How was the weather? Still hot? I’m always fond of anything aged so this is something I easily get interested at. Awesome images! And way cool Gravatar :D.

    1. It was actually really cold there! the sun was hot but the wind was colder. I pretty had my sweater on the entire time which was great that I brought a sweater otherwise I’d not have been able to handle it. Thank you! I try to take better pictures and spend more time with each shot. I was at the top of Mt. Baldy in my gravatar so if you haven’t climbed, make sure to! I wrote a post on my trip there under hikes. check it out 🙂

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