Sword Fish Wrapped In Grilled Tortillas: San Diego’s Escape Fish Bar

Are you looking for delicious seafood in San Diego? I highly recommend Escape Fish Bar in downtown. It is delicious and reasonably priced! It was after a long day of adventuring in San Diego, and my friends and I decided that we wanted seafood. I yelped seafood, and Escape Fish Bar came up. With four stars and 199 reviews on Yelp, how can I possibly turn this down. Here’s their page on Yelp.

Inside of the store


The exact address is 738 fifth avenue, San Diego, CA. The only bad thing about this place is parking. It is either street or an overpriced lot, so pick your poison. It’s located right on the main road which is easily spotted.


This place is chill. The inside is small with a few outdoor seating. There’s a giant sword fish hanging on the wall, which really resonant the atmosphere of this place. The guy who took care of us was really nice, and gave us good advice. I had no idea what the heck a tacone was, but i didn’t care and order it anyways. I love eating food that I don’t know about unless they’re monkey brain or something which I don’t understand why some people find that appetizing.

Sword Fish Tacones

I decided to order sword fish tacones, which were locally caught! Plus one for sustainability and environmentalism  Tacones are like Japanese hand rolls but with seafood wrapped in grilled tortillas. I love these types of fusion food. It is super good. They gave me a lot of fish, which really justified the price. And can I say that it tasted SO GOOD again?

grilled fish mahi mahi

My friend ordered a grilled fish plate with Mahi Mahi, and it was no second to the tacones. Although I would probably stick to tacones here because I feel like a grilled fish plate is common but tacones! never seen it before. Here’s the Escape Fish Bar menu if you want to check out all of their stuff. Their menu is not the most extensive but after eating the two dishes here, I am confident that everything is probably really good. Basically, you’ll just be deciding between the tacones, grilled fish plate, burger, sandwich, and a couple of other items. They have a decent list of appetizers and I got calamari, and oh boy, it was also delicious.

Buttermilk Calamari

Overall, I thought that this place definitely worth the visit, and I’d love to come back again. The cool and hip vide of the place really makes it great for younger crowds to come in and hang. If you’ve been here, I want to hear what you think!


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