See Elephant Seals For Free! in San Simeon, CA

If the scenic of Pacific Coast Highway is not enough to convince you why it should be on your life list, then a long list of free things to do may. One of the best and most popular attractions on your drive through Big Sur is to stop at the Elephant Seal Beach.

Driving along the PCH


Right off of the HWY 1 or the Pacific Coast Highway, there’s a beach called Elephant Seal Beach, and yes, there are dozens of elephant seals here. You can pull right off the freeway, park for free, and make your way down to the viewing point. We cannot get down to the beach, sorry no petting. You don’t want to pet elephant seals anyways because they will most likely tear you apart. But you’ll certainly be close enough to get good pictures.

Make sure to bring a jacket, because it’s right on the beach in NorCal, it is COLD anytime of the year especially on cloudy day. This place is free to visit, and it is a must stop for anyone driving on the highway. If you’re looking for a free and cool activity to do with friends and family along the PCH, make sure that you add this to your trip itinerary. I found elephant seals to be really cute and fascinating although my friend thought otherwise. We spent a good 5 minutes just standing there and laughing at them. I felt like I was 5 and thought that It’s actually kind of rude to find another specie so funny looking, but coming! Look at that big thing on its face.


Here’s the GPS coordinate of the beach: 35.663389,-121.2575

The exact address doesn’t exist, but it is only about 10 miles north of Hearst Castle in San Simeon, CA. It is quite popular so signs are plenty. It is located right off the HWY 1 freeway, but it can also be easy to missed, so when you think that you’re getting close, just make sure to keep your eyes out otherwise it is an ass to have to make a u-turn on this road. Whether you’re heading up north or driving down south, there should be signs that tell you when the beach approaches. You’re looking for a beach that is literally called “Elephant Seal Beach”.

Have a great trip here! Again, you should stop here if you drive on the PCH. It’s free, and I don’t know why anyone wouldn’t unless they’re either in a rush or really hate seals.


    1. Thank you for your comment! This place was awesome. It’s such a great stop along the HWY1 and it’s Free! my friend and I spent a good 5 minutes just laughing at that big thing on the seals’ faces. I felt like I was 5 but it was really funny. I thought these seals were super cute. What other places along HWY 1 I should check out next time? Any suggestions?

      1. Oh there are so many great places! You’ve got to see Big Sur and Monterey. In Naturetime blog drop down category Central California to bring up ideas.

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