Camping At Lake Powell: Lone Rock Campground

On my solo spring break trip, I spent a day in Page, AZ. I chose Lone Rock Campground in Glen Canyon Recreational Area as my base to explore Antelope Canyon and Horseshoe Bend.

Oh boy, this has to be one of the coolest campsites I’ve ever been to! Basically at Lone Rock, there isn’t a designated campsite, and you just simply camp anywhere on the beach next to the lake! Camping here is primitive with vault toilets and seasonal flush toilets…

my tent right on the beach
my tent right on the beach

I was here in April and it’s still considered winter time so the toilet did not work. It kind of sucks that the only toilets working at the time was 20 minutes walk away. After I set up my camp, I had to pee so bad, but I didn’t want to walk to use the restroom. I was debating between changing into my swim shorts and just go in the lake… I know I can be kind of disgusting sometimes… or drive over there to use the restroom.

Well, I picked the later choice since I saw quite a few kids swimming. How considerate of me. haha

sunset over my car!
sunset over my car!

This campsite is amazing for family and young folks who want to pay very little ($10 fee per car per day) to campout on a beach. The area is also considered off road vehicle area, so you can bring your motorcycles and ATV rides and just rock it out here. You can also launch your non motor boats as well.

a great view for $10
a great view for $10 a nice water to swim as well if it was freezing

how to get here

Although I’d consider this place to be in Page, AZ. It’s actually right on the border of Utah and Arizona. If you’re coming from Utah and Zion and Bryce area, then this campground is before you will reach Wahweap campground area, which is far more popular and developed but also more expensive ($28 per day!)

This campground is conveniently located on the highway 89 and is only about 10 minutes drive from Page and 15 minutes from Antelope Canyon and Horseshoe Bend.

You will turn left on Lone Rock road from 89 and continue toward the lake. Pay at the self-paying station and continue your way down to the beach; camp anywhere you like!

Exact GPS: 37.006066,-111.577728

tracks from atv rides
tracks from atv rides and cars

campground info

  • $10 per car per day
  • open camping anywhere on the beach
  • off road vehicle permitted in designated area
  • vault toilet all the time and seasonal flush toilet in the summer time only
  • fire is permitted
  • no table or grill or anything so bring your own
  • no boat launch ramp and motor boat launch is prohibited, non-motor boats are okay
  • camping fee is only required from 8pm to 6am
sunrise in the morning
sunrise in the morning. The up side of being stuck in the sand was I get to see this

personal story

It wouldn’t be an adventure if everything goes as planned. Well, in the morning before I left. I woke up at 5am to leave and head back to Southern California. It’s easter weekend AND spring break, so traffic through Las Vegas would be horrible anytime later than 10am. My plan was to make it to Vegas before 10am.

Well, I packed up my car and started making my way toward the exit. After a minute of driving, I literally fell into a little dip and got my car stuck in the sand. I tried to reverse to get my car out but it didn’t work. Now, i was both a bit frustrated and nervous. I never get my car stuck in the sand before, so I didn’t know what I should do.

I pathetically tried to dug out as much as out of the wheel as possible with my hands. I started my car again and tried to reverse out… didn’t work. It was pitch black and no sign of awake human around. There were other campers around and  I was sure that some of them will have towing rope to help out my situation.

I waited for over an hour before I saw someone else on the beach. I approached the first man but he didn’t have any equipment so I asked another family. Luckily, this gentleman has a towing road and a four-wheel to help pull my little fiesta out of the sand. He even made  me a cup of coffee! The first man I talked to used his shovel and dug out more sand for me.

I was so grateful for these two individuals! They were incredibly kind. I realized how many nice people there are still in this world, and I should never give up on the society, which is sometimes my sentiment toward the world.


  1. Thanks for the tip – was looking for a place just like this near Antelope Canyon.

    After seeing your car story, is it necessary to drive on the soft sand, or can a car be safely parked and then walk to your site? We will also be renting a little rollerskate of a car 🙂

  2. I’m thinking of planning a visit to Antelope Canyon over New Years and trying to figure out a spot to car camp. Were there any spots besides Lake Powell you were considering or did it stand out to you for a certain reason?

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