You don’t need to go Arizona and Utah to find a cool desert canyon to explore! Southern California has its fair share of canyons.

The Hike

This slot canyon is a short 2 miles hike through narrow canyons. The whole canyon is really fascinating with awesome rock formations and interesting desert plants. I would recommend that you come around noon, so the sun will be right above you and creates this cool lighting through the canyon cracks.

After you park, you will climb down into the canyon below you and start walking to your left entering the narrower part of the canyon. I recommend that you bring a bandana, a cloth, or something similar and tie it to a rock before you begin the hike to mark your entrance. This way you won’t have problem finding your way out after the hike.

How To Get There

Although this place is rather difficult to find, just make sure to follow the instruction that I’m about to give below, and you will surely get there. If  you are not sure, I recommend that you visit the visitor center in the morning, stroll around the exhibit there, maybe watch a film, and ask one of the ranger to show you how to get there.

From the Anza Borrego visitor center, drive down Palm Canyon Road toward the town, you will hit a traffic circle, take the second exit which is Borrego Springs Road, stay on that road, pass the S3 intersection, until you a three ways intersection with the 78, turn left onto HWY 78. Now, keep your eyes to your left. After a couple of miles, there should be a tiny sign that says “Buttes Pass”, immediately turn left into the dirt road. Follow the dirt road for a few miles, you will hit a V split, stay on the left side, now you keep driving until it takes you out into an open area. You won’t be able to go any further or you will fall into the canyon. Park anywhere and simply climb down to the canyon below you.


I highly recommend that you do this hike at some point, it’s such a fun place, and the canyon gets narrower and taller as you go in further, which I think is really awesome. It is an easy hike, but don’t underestimate it. Make sure to bring a buddy, so you don’t get your arm stuck between a rock.


Written by Snook

I do one cool thing every weekend!


  1. Oh, cool slot canyons! I’ve been in some pretty long, narrow ones…hoping the whole way that there wouldn’t be a sudden rainstorm and subsequent flash flood.

    1. The slot is amazing! I haven’t been to too many canyons, but I definitely want to explore more especially the ones in Utah and Arizona. Any good ones you want to recommend?

      February could be risky, but best of luck to you! Hopefully the weather is nice and no rain. Keep me posted of your trip!

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